An image of a chilli from a Spice Shop London to represent the Scoville Scale.

Spice Shop London: A Guide to the Scoville Scale

Are you a fan of heat in cooking? So are the team at our online spice shop London! It’s always handy to know just how hot the peppers you’re using are! It could be the make or break of a dish. Luckily our spice experts are on hand to help!

In this week’s blog, we detail the Scoville Scale and how you can use it to ensure you’re creating authentic, spicy and tasty cuisine for your guests.

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Using herbs and spices in a fruity summer sprtiz.

Using Herbs and Spices in Cold Drinks This Summer

With summer now upon us, it’s time to extend your beverage menu! Whether you’re an establishment looking for new drink ideas or want to explore new taste combinations for summertime drinks at home, herbs and spices are the perfect ingredient to revitalise your cold drinks! A cold drink scattered with a little extra flavour is the perfect way to indulge, leaving your guests, and you, refreshed and ready to face the hot weather in the warmer weeks ahead!

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Spices for Summer by World of Spice.

5 Spices for Summer to Bring the Heat

Spices for summer will ensure your menu is fragrant, fresh and certainly turning up the heat with the change in temperature for your guests over summer. In this week’s blog, we thought we’d detail some of the hottest spices that are readily available that you can utilise in cooking for hot food lovers!

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