An image of a winter hot chocolate to represent the many wholesale spices for hot chocolate.

Wholesale Spices for Hot Chocolate

With the winter weather comes hot chocolate! It’s a drink loved all around the world with many combinations to enjoy! From wholesale spices, to liqueur infusions, the options with this delectable drink are endless. There’s nothing quite like a hot chocolate on a cold day, so whether you’re creating a winter concoction at home, or crafted bespoke hot choccies for your customers, it’s important to perfect your chosen delicious recipes for the ultimate treat.

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seasoning suppliers online - jar with a screw top lid of sodium bicarbonate

What Is the Difference Between Bicarbonate of Soda and Baking Powder?

Many people think that these products are the same. They’re similar, but there is a difference between bicarbonate of soda and baking powder! With winter ramping up, baked goods and comfort food are a priority around this time of year! Both bicarbonate of soda and baking powder can enhance different winter delicacies, you just have to know the benefits of each. Here, World of Spice discuss.

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An image of italian pizza and fresh basil to represent pizza herbs online.

Pizza Herbs Online: Creating A Taste of Italy In Your Restaurant

Carefully selected pizza herbs online can help to create authentic Italian tasting pizza and enhance all those delicious flavours! With national pizza day on 9th February, this week, we’re focusing our blog on all things pizza. This is a day to be celebrated in one way only – copious amounts of pizza that’s full of flavour! If you’d like to create the perfect pizza for your customers for this special occasion, we can teach you how!

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