Mint leaves to represent essential herbs and spices at Christmas.

The Must Have Herbs and Spices to Guarantee Delicious Christmas Condiments

The 21st November not only marks under 5 weeks until Christmas, but it’s also ‘National Stuffing Day!’ How convenient! In light of the festive season that’s fast approaching, we thought we’d take a closer look at the essential herbs and spices that simply have to go into the nation’s favourite Christmas condiments – including stuffing of course!

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6 Dishes You Can Make with Christmas Leftovers, Herbs and Spices

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! Are you left with a fridge half full of turkey, roasties and cheese? You don’t fancy them as they are, but don’t want to waste what you’ve got? Maybe you want to save yourself a food shop before getting the New Year party haul in! Well, here at World of Spice, we have a few recipes up our sleeves that will make use of your Christmas leftovers and give you that all important room in your fridge. All you need are your leftovers and a few staple herbs and spices!

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How To Use Herbs and Spices In Beer

Did you know that it’s national beer day on 6th April? In light of this, we’re dedicating this week’s blog to all things beer, herbs and spices! Plenty of herbs and spices are used to flavour beer and they play a large part in giving certain brew’s their distinctive flavour! Here we take a closer look at the top seasonings to use in beer and the intricate flavours they can create.

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