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Celebrate More Herbs, Less Salt Day With Our Wonderful Herbs and Spices

Take it from World of Spice, the leading suppliers of online herbs and spices, sticking to a healthy diet is more important now than ever before. The list of unhealthy foods is endless and overconsumption of them can be nothing but problematic for you, with numerous health risks arising. One of the most common unhealthy ingredients in food nowadays is salt.

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Spice Wholesalers Discuss: Are Spices Gluten Free?

If you’re in the catering industry, you’ll know just how important attention to detail with allergies and intolerances are. Knowing what’s in every dish is key to not only great food, but happy customers. Gluten intolerances and illnesses like coeliac disease are serious health conditions that are unfortunately, extremely common. In fact, it’s estimated that 9 million people in the UK suffer from a gluten related ailment. The rise in awareness from restaurants is a huge benefit to them, but it’s important that every chef knows the potential allergens in each dish produced.

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The Healthiest Herbs and Spices That You Should Be Eating

Herbs and spices are known for both their healing powers and health benefits. As we emerge from the aftermath of COVID-19, it is important that we are taking an active interest in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. Did you know that herbs, spices and seasonings can help with this? Here at World of Spice, we thought we’d take a closer look at the herbs and spices you should be eating to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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