An image of an eco friendly restaurant, showing produce from Bulk Herb Companies.

Bulk Herb Companies: 4 Ways Your Restaurant Can Be More Sustainable

Happy New Year! 2023 is upon us and if, like many, you are thinking of setting some new year’s resolutions, there’s no time like the present! For our bulk herb companies, sustainability is extremely import and it should be for everyone in the catering business too. If it’s not on your resolution list yet, read this week’s blog to discover some simple ways that your restaurant can become greener this year. After all, it’s important that we look after our planet, our businesses and ourselves!

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An image of cinnamon and star anise to represent the top 10 winter herbs, seasoning and spices

Top 10 Winter Herbs, Seasoning and Spices

Between November-February, our cupboards are geared up for delicious home-cooked, comfort food. It probably comes as no surprise that it’s the herbs, seasoning and spices that truly enhance those unforgettable winter flavours!

If you’re looking to spruce up your winter dishes a little more this year, it’s important that you’re using the correct seasonal spices to amplify your food! Here at World of Spice, we’re experts, with over 100 years of combined experience, here are our recommended seasonings for this time of year!

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An image of cheese and herb pasta to represent herbs for cheese.

Herbs for Cheese: An Essential Guide

Herbs for cheese are a match made in heaven. Whether the herbs are used within cheese or used as separate entities to bring flavours to your cuisine, this mix never disappoints. With the 20th January marking national cheese lover’s day, we thought it only right to dedicate this week’s blog to all things herbs and cheese!

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