Caprese salad to show summer herbs and spices you should be cooking with

Top 8 Herbs and Spices for Summer Flavours

From BBQ’s to cocktail evenings, herbs and spices easily enhance every good summer social opportunity! You’ve just got know what ones to use and how to use them to create the essential summer flavours. At World of Spice, we’re here to help you find the perfect pairings this summer. Let’s take a closer look!

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herbs and spices - jar with a screw top lid of rosemary cut leaves

Herbs Online: Rosemary FAQs Answered

It’s that time again, where we shine the spices and herbs online spotlight on our focus seasoning of the month! This week, we’re getting up close with rosemary! It’s one of our favourite summer herbs and can be used in the kitchen (or bar) in so many ways! Let’s take a closer look and see what this herb really brings to the table!

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Chefs cooking with different herbs and spices to show their individual personality

Herbs and Spices to Match Your Personality: What Kind of Chef Are You?

Here at World of Spice, we love to shake things up! Did you know that the herbs and spices you have in stock can be very tell-tale as to what kind of chef you are! In this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at what your chosen herbs and spices say about you and the essentials that every chef should have to hand!

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