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How to Enhance Your Favourite Autumnal Treats with Bulk Spices

A change in season calls for a change in menu. It’s always advisable to treat your customers to some seasonal dishes that coincide with the time of year. With Autumn well underway, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the delicious seasonal favourites you could incorporate into your menu and how to give them that authentic autumnal taste with bulk spices – after all, spice is the secret to all those delicious flavours!

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World of Spice Cocoa and Spices Online to make chocolate and chilli dishes.

World of Spice Discuss Spicy, Savoury Chocolate: Trick or Treat?

For some people it’s a treat, for others it sounds like something nightmares are made of! Did you know that chocolate does not have to be sweet, but it can be spicy and even used in savoury cooking! With national chocolate day on 28th October and Halloween this weekend, World of Spice thought we’d get our teeth into some spicy chocolate and the savoury chocolate dishes perfect to turn things upside down!

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How Vegan Food, Seasoning and Spices Can Help to Cure the Winter Blues

Did you know that November 1st is National Vegan day? Now that Winter is upon us, we thought we would take the opportunity to discuss the way in which Vegan food, seasoning and spices can cure the winter blues and give you some yummy, nutritious food options this cold season! 

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