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The Wholesale Herbs and Spices You Should Be Using This Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian week is upon us! From 16th-22nd May restaurants all around the world will be celebrating by adding some delicious new veggie dishes to their menu. There is plenty of choice when it comes to these tasty dishes, you just have to know what wholesale herbs and spices to use! Afterall, alongside cooking methods, herbs and spices make all the difference in vegetarian and vegan food and help to enhance natural flavour.

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Best Seasoning And Spices For Burgers

Best Seasoning and Spices for Burgers

National Hamburger Day falls on 28th May each year. It’s a firm favourite food all across the globe, and as a result, many variations of the classic burger now exist! From chicken burgers and veggie/vegan burgers, to patties wrapped in lettuce - we are spoilt for choice.

Of course, the right seasoning can turn an ordinary burger into a mouth-watering delicacy in your restaurant. At World of Spice, we are experts in all thing’s herbs and spices. So, in this week’s blog, we’re going to detail the options out there and the seasonings and spices you should be using in your burgers!

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Bulk Seasoning For The Perfect BBQ Food

Bulk Seasoning for The Perfect BBQ Food

Summer is well on its way! Did you know that the 30th May is the start of BBQ week? If your restaurant is planning some flame grilled, oak smoked, completely mouth-watering delicacies for your customers to try, then you’ll need the right bulk seasoning to compliment this cooking style correctly! With good BBQ food it all comes down to three things – what you’re cooking, the method of cooking needed and the correct pairing of seasoning! Luckily, here at World of Spice we are herb, seasoning and spices experts; here is our advice when it comes to seasoning the perfect BBQ food!

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