An image of oysters using world spices for catering.

World Spices for Catering: A Guide to Oysters

The team behind our world spices for catering can’t get enough of oysters! This delicious seafood is enjoyed all over the world, yet some of the best produce comes from right near our spice suppliers in Essex! Whether you choose to eat yours with vinegar, hot sauce, or even baked with cheeses, there’s so many ways to enjoy them! With national oyster day on August 5th, this week, we open the shell on this versatile snack!

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Fajita Seasoning And Fillings.

Fajita Seasoning and Fillings

Wondering how to make the ultimate fajita seasoning and the filling that should be on your list of must haves? Well, you’re in the right place! With national fajita day on August 18th, this week, our spice experts focus on all thing’s fajita for the ultimate summer feast!

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Mild seasoning and spices in curry.

Mild Seasoning and Spices That Are Full of Flavour

Not a fan of the hot and spicy? Fear not! There are plenty of mild seasoning and spices that are full of flavour but won’t cause steam to emit from your ears! But where is a good place to start? Here at World of Spice, we’re spice experts with over 100 years of combined experience; here’s our guide to the top mildest spices and how to gradually increase your spice tolerance.

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