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World of Spice is a fully UK, family owned company that was established in 1992. We continue to build our well respected reputation for quality and reliability, built on a solid base founded on over 100 years of experience. We take pride in selecting a range of high quality herbs, spices, seasonings and other dehydrates offered to the Wholesale / Catering / Foodservice industry, the Food Manufacturing industry and others. The company specialises in ethnic seasonings, private label, bespoke requirements and offer a large range of high quality dehydrated herbs and spices in a large range of packaging options.

Located on an industrial estate in Billericay, Essex we are able to take advantage of our proximity to ports and airports to ensure that there are quick responses to customer requirements.

Over thyme we have acquired a wealth of experience

A family run business with over 100 years of knowledge, we take pride in selecting the finest herbs and spices.

Our reputation is your reputation and we can guarantee that you will always receive high quality products, which ensures the long term success of your business.

We're red hot on quality

We test all our raw materials in UKAS accredited laboratories. We take samples and send them off to UKAS laboratories so we can ensure an accurate result. Recalls can cost millions and although it is common practise to rely on suppliers results, we feel in today’s climate you cannot be too safe, our customers can buy with confidence. We reject all materials when they fall outside safe limits.

We do not just test for today, we look ahead at legislation. This means when new legislation comes into force your products will comply.

We offer 5 star superiority

We are accredited to BRC and conform to HACCP.

We hold this accreditation so that our customers can see we are serious about quality. We are audited each year and all our systems are tested, for traceability, food safety and much more.

We care about our impact on the environment...

We're not just saying that to curry favour either. Our commitment is to lessen our impact on the environment. We keep informed and up to date on new packaging materials and options, this is to ensure that you always have the latest environmentally friendly products available for you.

We hold a large range of herbs, spices and seasonings

Having a number of suppliers for similar products can cost your business. We hold a large range of products to help stream line your supply chain. We are committed to ensuring your products are available in stock 100% of the time. We understand that an item which is not delivered is essentially a lost sale to you.

We are dedicated to offering a mint service, all day every day

You will be able to enjoy our personal and flexible service. Our team are very customer focused and adopt the “can do” attitude. We will embrace the challenges required to developing your business by offering solutions bespoke to your needs.

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