An image of a plant to represent Earth Day and the importance of World of Spice helping the hospitality industry to be more sustainable,

Earth Day: World of Spice Discuss Greener Hospitality

Earth Day is fast approaching! It’s more important than ever before that we’re collectively doing all we can to adapt to a more sustainable way of living and work consistently to reverse the damage done to our environment. With this in mind, World of Spice are focusing this week’s edition on preserving our world and the simple yet mighty changes you can implement within your restaurant to become more eco-friendly.

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A picture of truffles on pasta to represent our spice wholesalers and dried seasoning.

Spice Wholesalers Discuss: A Guide to Truffles

Did you know that 2nd May marks national truffle day? In our spice wholesalers’ opinion, truffles are like a little slice of heaven in food! They can elevate a dish with a distinct flavour that is delicious, strong, yet delicate all in one! If you’ve not tried them, you certainly don’t want to miss out!

In light of this national day, we’re focusing this week’s edition on all thing’s truffle.

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An image of Coca Cola to represent using it as Seasoning in Bulk within cooking.

Seasoning in Bulk: Using Coca Cola in Cooking

If you’re looking for seasoning in bulk, Coca Cola is a great option to have in your cupboards. Now, you may be thinking, no way can Coke be used in cooking! But, let us tell you, it certainly can! Coca Cola is great to use in bulk cooking, or to create a bespoke dish for a guest menu appearance. With national Coke day upcoming on 8th May, we discuss how to utilise this popular fizzy treat to create delicious cuisine!

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