Christmas ham seasoned with herbs and spices from World of Spice.

Herbs and Spices to Include in Your Christmas Dinner

With just a few days left until the Christmas dinner we’ve all been waiting for, it’s important that you have all the trimmings at the ready! If you need to make a last-minute dash to the shops, now is the time! Here at World of Spice, we’re focusing this week’s blog on the herbs and spices you can add to your Christmas dinner essentials to make it extra special. Your friends and family will certainly be coming back for seconds!

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6 Dishes You Can Make with Christmas Leftovers, Herbs and Spices

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! Are you left with a fridge half full of turkey, roasties and cheese? You don’t fancy them as they are, but don’t want to waste what you’ve got? Maybe you want to save yourself a food shop before getting the New Year party haul in! Well, here at World of Spice, we have a few recipes up our sleeves that will make use of your Christmas leftovers and give you that all important room in your fridge. All you need are your leftovers and a few staple herbs and spices!

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Best Salad Seasoning for Your New Year Detox

With a new year comes new possibilities, new opportunities and of course, a fresh start for many. This often begins with the ‘new year, new me’ outlook. Over the festive period everyone indulges, meaning come the new year, we’re all feeling a little bloated and ready for change. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go in hard with a restrictive diet and living down the gym 24/7. It’s about balance and making yourself feel good.

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