Pimento berries representing Allspice to show the Difference Between Mixed Spice and Allspice.

What Is the Difference Between Mixed Spice and Allspice?

Winter is well and truly upon us! So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss some of the most popular, warming spices around this time of year – mixed spice and allspice. Now, a lot of people would tell you they’re the same thing, but this is not true. There is a distinct difference between mixed spice and allspice.

At World of Spice, we are experts of all things herbs and spices. With over 30 years’ experience in our industry, who better to come to with this common catering query. This blog will highlight the main differences between these wintery spices, their benefits and what you can use them for

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Mint leaves to represent essential herbs and spices at Christmas.

The Must Have Herbs and Spices to Guarantee Delicious Christmas Condiments

The 21st November not only marks under 5 weeks until Christmas, but it’s also ‘National Stuffing Day!’ How convenient! In light of the festive season that’s fast approaching, we thought we’d take a closer look at the essential herbs and spices that simply have to go into the nation’s favourite Christmas condiments – including stuffing of course!

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lamb to represent the different bulk herbs and spices used around Christmas time

Bulk Herbs and Spices: Supply and Demand for Christmas

It’s just over a month until Christmas, so in this week’s blog, we wanted to take a closer look at supply and demand before the festivities and the bulk herbs and spices you should be stocking up with this festive season!

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