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Celebrating Hot and Spicy Food Day with Spices Online

Our favourite day of the year is fast approaching. Hot and Spicy food day is this Sunday! On 16th January every year, the globe gets all fired up for a day to celebrate all those delicious spicy flavours across many cultures. As one of the leading wholesale spice companies, we wanted to take a closer look at this international celebration and what you can do with spices online to turn up the heat on your menu this week.

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Herbs And Spices On A Restaurant Soup From World Of Spice Spice Company

World of Spice, Spice Company: Making the Most of National Soup Month

Did you know that every year, the month of January is national soup month? Here at World of Spice, spice company, we highly recommend infusing your soup with delicious herbs and spices online to create new and exciting flavours for your menu, or as a winter warmer for yourself at home! A hearty bowl of soup always goes down well at this time of year. It’s a healthy and nutritious option that is extremely simple to make. So, here is how you can make the most of your soups this national soup month!

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Bagels With Sesame From World Of Spice Trade Herbs Suppliers

Trade Herbs Suppliers: Bread from Around the World and Why They Should Be On Your Table

With our last blog about soup, we thought it only fitting to explore its delicious ally – bread! Here at World of spice, trade herbs suppliers, we’re going overseas to discuss some of the most delicious breads from around the world, how to serve them and why they should be at your restaurant table!

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