a low salt diet can be maintained by using alternative herbs and spices.

Herbs and Spices: The Key to Maintaining A Low Salt Diet

Salt is the most common seasoning to add to any food worldwide. It’s cheap, easily accessible and it does enhance the taste of food by bringing out its natural flavours. But with growing concerns that excessive salt isn’t the best seasoning for your health, we thought we’d discuss just a few of the wide range of alternative herbs and spices that can add that little extra to your cuisine and the benefits of a healthy salt intake.

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bulk spices - jar with a screw top lid of fine sea salt

Herbs and Spices: The Best Salt Alternatives

Salt works by enhancing the natural flavours found in foods. It’s the most popular seasoning worldwide, but in excess, it’s not the healthiest seasoning option. So, what are the best alternatives to salt in food? Herbs and spices of course! These delicious flavours can take the taste of many dishes to the next level, whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle. In this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best salt alternatives and the benefits they have when used in cooking.

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