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Enhancing Vegetarian Dishes with Herbs and Spices Online

Although some people are happy to switch between vegetarian and meat-based dishes, others are quite opposed. There are a number of reasons for this, but the common consensus is that meat is considered more delicious and vegetarian food labelled ‘bland’. This certainly does not have to be the case. Here at World of Spice, we want to help you spice up your vegetarian dishes and open up the possibility of more exciting cuisine, whether that’s at home or in the restaurant.

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Corriander As An Example Of Th Best Herbs And Spices To Use In Soups

The Best Herbs and Spices to Use in Soups

Autumn is here! That came around quickly didn’t it? Well, now that the cooler temperatures and rainy mornings are gracing us with their presence, we can start making the most of a change in menu within the restaurant, or at home. Soups and broths are a firm favourite around this time of year. They’re simple to whip up, nutritional, warming and taste amazing; especially with the right herbs and spices added

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The Tastiest Pasta and Pizza Herbs Online

Pasta and pizza, two of the nation’s favourite dishes and at World of Spice, we love them too! With national pasta day on the 17th October, we thought it was rather appropriate to turn the spotlight on these Italian delicacies enjoyed all over the world. Having worked with the likes of Pizza Express to develop the herbs and spices for their dishes, we know exactly what makes a good Italian dish work. A lot of the flavour and qualities we know and love comes down to the seasonings used. We’re going to take a look at some of the best Pasta and Pizza Herbs Online and how to use them, so that every dish you create is authentic and full of flavour!

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