An image of traditional fish and chips using different herbs and spices.

Herbs and Spices for Fish and Chips

With national fish and chips day on 2nd June, it’s the perfect excuse to add this classic British edition to your summer menu and try out new herbs and spices! Whether you’re looking to enhance a customer favourite, or try new and traditional flavours, fish and chips will always ensure the crowds are happy and will keep them coming back for more! This week, we take a closer look at creating the perfect chippy fish dish.

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Wholesale Spices: Seasoning A Veggie Burger Day

Did you know that wholesale spices and herbs are fundamental to a delicious tasting veggie burger! With National Veggie Burger Day on 5th June, this week, the World of Spice team take a look at how to season a veggie burger and the different types there are to enjoy!

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An image of roast vegetables with essential seasoning and spices from World of Spice.

Essential Seasoning and Spices for Vegetables

Did you know that national ‘eat your vegetables’ day is every year on 17th June? Seasoning and spices can enhance all the delicious flavours found in different vegetables. We know that they’re not everyone’s food preference, however, exploring exciting flavouring through herbs and spices can result in a totally different tasting experience when it comes to veggies. Here, we take a closer look!

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