Adding Flavour To Basic Dishes With Wholesale Herbs And Spices

Adding Flavour to Basic Dishes with Wholesale Herbs and Spices

With the cost of living increasing in the UK, families are looking for cheaper, nutritious meal options that will save them money. Restaurant owners alike are looking for cost effective ingredients that still taste delicious in order to gain custom and make a return on investment. Whether a consumer or a business, being sparing with our money has never been so important.

At World of Spice, we are here to offer a helping hand with our catering knowledge spanning over 100 years. Wholesale herbs and spices are an instant solution to the issues we currently face and in this week’s blog, we tell you exactly how to use them.

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Herbs, Spices and Seasonings for Lobster

Herbs, Spices and Seasonings for Lobster

Lobster is considered a rich and decadent food around the globe. The meat is known for being juicy and succulent. However, this is all dependant on how its seasoned and cooked! Herbs, spices and seasonings are the reason why we associate the flavours and textures we know and love when it comes to seafood.

In light of national lobster day, we thought we’d focus this week’s blog on all things lobster, including the different ways to cook and season your lobster-based cuisine! After all, with over 100 years of experience passed down through our family founded business, we know a thing or two about seasoning!


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An image of autumnal baking to represent the 10 essential autumn spices and herbs online.

10 Essential Autumn Spices and Herbs Online

Autumn is now well and truly upon us! As the leaves begin to change, so might your menu. With each season comes a different selection of fresh and dried produce. Buying your spices and herbs online is a steadfast way to ensure that your autumnal dishes never lack flavour. With reputable online retailers, you will also have the option to buy spices in bulk. This guarantees that you have the seasoning you need ahead of time as the temperature begins to drop!

Of course, we associate seasonal produce with time of year, but it’s the herbs and spices that gives food that distinctive autumnal taste. In this week’s blog, we detail the ten essential herbs and spices that you need in your pantry this October!

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