An image of St Patrick's day food to represent Herbs, Spices and Seasonings in holiday food.

St Patricks Day: Using Herbs, Spices and Seasonings to Enhance Your Menu

With St Patrick’s Day on 17th March, we’ve no doubt many of our customers will be celebrating this Irish tradition! Ordering your herbs, spices and seasonings in plenty will ensure your celebrations go off with bang! Traditional Irish dishes include lots of delicious flavours to give them that distinctive taste. If you’re looking for a pot of gold this March, it comes in the form of herbs and spices, trust us!

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An image of Afternoon Tea on Mother's Day using herbs and spices for catering.

Herbs and Spices for Catering and Your Mother’s Day Menu

With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about the produce you’ll need, including herbs and spices for catering. If you want your restaurant menu to be a hit with the whole family, the dishes you choose should be well thought out for the ultimate taste experience. Potent, fresh herbs and spices can help you to achieve the perfect Mother’s Day specialities!

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An image of roast lamb to represent Essential Easter Roast Herbs and Spices.

Essential Easter Roast Herbs and Spices

There’s nothing quite like the Easter Roast! Herbs and spices can be used liberally to enhance the flavours we know, love and associate with the springtime roast dinner! If you’re after a few ingredients to set your restaurant dinner apart from the rest, then look no further. This week, World of Spice take a closer look at the seasoning you should be using in the run up to Easter!

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