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Herbs and Spices Online: Where to Go for Authentic Spices

Have you been on vacation this year? Perhaps you’re reminiscing on all of the delicious food and drink you tried whilst out there. Maybe you’re wanting to bring a little flavour of the experience back home? Well, we have good news!

With World of Spices herbs and spices online, you can! We are a bespoke supplier of herbs, spices and seasonings. In fact, our produce is internationally known for its authenticity and fragrant, potent taste.

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Essential Herbs, Spices and Seasonings for Greek Dishes

Greek food is known for its delicious and fragrant flavours. This is down to careful preparation, using fresh ingredients, and of course specific herbs, spices and seasonings that give this cuisine its distinctive flavours and aromas.

You can enjoy Greek food all year round, however, we think it tastes particularly special in the summer. There’s nothing quite like al fresco dining with a Greek mezze platter, drizzled with fresh tzatziki and if you’re feeling brave, served with a shot of Ouzo!

Looking to recreate authentic Greek cuisine in your restaurant? You’ve come to the right place. Here at World of Spice, we are bespoke spice suppliers with over 100 years combined experience! We can help you pick the perfect selection of dried herbs and spices, to create the perfect summer menu for your customers.

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Pairing Red Wine With Herbs And Spices For Catering

Pairing Red Wine with Herbs and Spices for Catering

With red wine day approaching on the 28th August, we thought we’d focus this week’s blog on red wine and the importance of finding the perfect pairing to compliment your dishes. Did you know it’s the herbs and spices for catering in each plate that makes a wine pairing taste so good?

Here are World of Spice, we’re experts in dried seasonings, herbs and spices for catering. With over 100 years of experience withing the industry, we know exactly what will work when it comes to the perfect pairing in your restaurant.

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