The Must Have Herbs and Spices to Guarantee Delicious Christmas Condiments

The 21st November not only marks under 5 weeks until Christmas, but it’s also ‘National Stuffing Day!’ How convenient! In light of the festive season that’s fast approaching, we thought we’d take a closer look at the essential herbs and spices that simply have to go into the nation’s favourite Christmas condiments – including stuffing of course!

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Christmas ham seasoned with herbs and spices from World of Spice.

Herbs and Spices to Include in Your Christmas Dinner

With just a few days left until the Christmas dinner we’ve all been waiting for, it’s important that you have all the trimmings at the ready! If you need to make a last-minute dash to the shops, now is the time! Here at World of Spice, we’re focusing this week’s blog on the herbs and spices you can add to your Christmas dinner essentials to make it extra special. Your friends and family will certainly be coming back for seconds!

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Spice Company Online - Pepper Black Cracked

Spice Spotlight: Cracked Black Pepper

Cracked black pepper is a spice most of us use every day. It’s gained its universal popularity from its delicious, fresh taste in dishes and is known for giving almost any food the little lift it needs. It’s the most traded spice in the world and a staple in the culinary arts, food manufacturing and of course, the household. As expert suppliers of herbs and spices online, here at World at Spice, we thought we’d give cracked black pepper it’s time to shine and take a closer look at what it really brings to the table in this week’s blog.

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