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Posted by CHARLOTTE MISKELL 07/05/2021

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Some feel that cooking without salt can be tricky and will more or less lead to tasteless dishes. This can be the case for those who don’t know what to use as an alternative to salt. One of the most versatile herbs and spices that you can use instead of salt and that we supply is Oregano. Oregano is one of the most used herbs and spices across the globe and can be incorporated into numerous recipes to really compliment the taste. You will normally find Oregano more than any other herbs and spices in tomato based dishes such as pasta and pizza for example. As well as tasting fantastic, Oregano features a number of vitamins that your body requires to stay healthy. It is also capable of helping when you’re suffering from a cold, a headache and even toothache. When compared with Salt, Oregano would be the logical choice for many simply because of the taste and the health benefits.

Another appetising herbs and spices alternative to salt is the tremendously tasty Thyme. If you’re looking for reliability and quality when you’re cooking with herbs and spices, Thyme is the perfect choice for you. Although the versatility of this herb means it can be incorporated into most dishes, it really thrives in a variety of foreign cuisine like Spanish and Italian. The sweet flavour of Thyme offers a deliciously surprising taste to any given recipe, including soups, a variety of meat and even vegetables. Thyme is also a natural remedy for numerous respiration problems such as coughs and even bronchitis

Would you ever imagine that our spices and herbs are capable of helping you with common health problems whilst still tasting fabulous?


The list of fantastically healthy herbs and spices does not end there. All the spices and herbs that we supply at World of Spice all come with a number of health benefits and will make any recipe taste better than if it was to include salt. Another mouth-watering example from our spices and herbs is brilliant Basil. Basil, which is one of our best-selling herbs and spices, is fantastic in making any kind of dish taste and look better. Does anything sound better than a freshly cooked up spaghetti bolognaise sprinkled with a luxurious handful of gorgeous green Basil? Wait until you hear the health benefits. Basil is an anti-inflammatory herb and can be used to help soothe arthritis plus a number of bowel conditions.

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