Restaurant Spice Suppliers: 7 New Burgers to Add to Your Summer Menu

Posted by World of Spice 25/05/2023

An image of a cheese and bacon burger to represent restaurant spice suppliers and the herbs and spices you should use in burgers.

Restaurant Spice Suppliers: 7 New Burgers to Add to Your Summer Menu

As restaurant spice suppliers, we love nothing more than recommending delicious new recipes for our clients to try! With national burger day on 28th May, this week is all about the famous burger stacks that are loved all over the world. If you’re looking to add a sprinkling of summer zest into your new menu, why not add a selection of burgers to the mix? If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of our favourites to try.


The classic hamburger is made using beef mince. Patties can come in various shapes and sizes, each with their own distinct taste and characteristics! Adding salt and pepper to your raw meat mix is essential and only enhances the flavour as it cooks! For a little extra, finely diced onion cooked within the meat is delicious.

Smash burgers are a variation of a traditional hamburger stack. The meat is pressed down and flattened with a heavy weight, cooked on one side, flipped and cooked on the other side. Cooking time is around 4 minutes, so it’s quick, simple and tasty. Ensure that your mince has at least 20% fat content in order to execute a smash burger perfectly.

Cheese and Bacon

A cheese and bacon burger is a global favourite and takes the best parts of a hamburger, and pairs it with slices of thick back bacon (we’d recommended smoked) and cheese! There are many different types of cheese that compliment a beef burger, but our restaurant spice supplier’s top burger cheeses for melting purposes are:

  • Mature Cheddar
  • American sliced
  • Swiss
  • Brie
  • Red Leicester

Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi

Whether you’re vegetarian or just aren’t in the mood for meat, a portobello mushroom and halloumi burger is a delicious alternative! Simply replace the meat in any burger with one or two seasoned, large portobello mushrooms, with a couple of hunks of halloumi (squeaky cheese)! If you’re looking to make this extra special, you’ll need to season both the mushroom and halloumi.

We recommend frying your halloumi in olive oil and a little oregano. For your mushroom, you could utilise oregano, basil or thyme! For a spicy kick, try smoked paprika and a couple of drops of soy sauce as you cook – trust us, it makes all the difference.

 Veggie Bean Burger

Another yummy vegetarian and vegan option is the bean burger. It’s a great alternative to meat-based burgers. Our restaurant spice suppliers would suggest plenty of seasoning to give your bean mix the edge! A dash of garlic powder, salt and pepper will bring out the flavours of this textured veggie delight. Alternatively, chilli powder, cayenne pepper and cumin can add a Mexican twist to these patties for something more exotic!

Wild Salmon Burger

If you’re a seafood lover, add a wild salmon burger to your menu! Of all fish, salmon makes the best fish patty for a burger, ensuring it’s melt in the mouth! We would recommend using wild salmon, rather than farmed salmon, and grinding it down. It’s light, morish and you can really taste the difference!

Seasoning is what takes this burger to the next level! Add some dill, a sprinkling of mint and ginger to the mix, make into patties and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. Whip up a saucy topping with capers and mayonnaise and spread this liberally on the brioche bun, add a crisp lettuce leaf, your hot salmon patty and enjoy!

Buttermilk Chicken Burger

There are plenty of different burger options to try in the chicken category alone! Onions and lettuce are a must to add to any poultry based burger. If you’re going grilled chicken, sprinkle with salt and pepper and a little garlic powder and baste the chicken in its own garlicky juices half way through! If you’re making a breaded chicken burger, blend a dash of these 11 herbs and spices into your batter mix. The result will be a KFC inspired stack!

Quorn Burger

Quorn is a delicious alternative to meat and another tasty addition to your veggie burger menu. You can buy breaded Quorn for a crispy crunch, or marinating Quorn fillets works really well for a burger that’s full of flavour (and protein!). To create the perfect glaze, mix together olive oil, barbeque seasoning and your favourite BBQ sauce for a sticky, smokehouse inspired flavour.

 Burger Seasoning

Everyone knows it’s the sauces and seasonings that are the cherry on top of a burger stack. You can create many different variations for the perfect burger recipe. Here are the best have herbs and spices that every restaurant should invest in to ensure a varied burger menu this hamburger day!

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