Crusted Garlic Lamb or Pork Loins


  • 2 racks of trimmed lamb or 1 small loin of pork
  • 200g of World of Spice meat rub
  • 5g cinnamon for Pork or Rosemary for Lamb
  • 2 cloves of garlic crushed in a little salt
  • 2 teaspoons English or French mustard
  • 25g butter or olive oil


  1. Mix the rub with the cloves of crushed garlic add the oil/butter, enough to moisten total mixture (here you could add a little red wine as a moisture source! if preferred?)
  2. Paint the area you want the crust to stick with the chosen mustard and stick on the crust mixture to the mustard coating
  3. Roast in a medium hot oven until the meat is cooked, cover the crust side with foil to protect it whilst in oven for long periods and take away foil protection for last 20 minutes or until golden crusty brown
  4. Leave meat with crust on to rest for 20 minutes then serve carefully with the crust attached to the meat!

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